Sue's pictures from the Saunders July 2004

Sue brought along a camera to our adventure in the Lake District; well done. So, here are a few of the highlights of the Saunders.

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Ignorance is bliss

Its raining, but so what. I'm sure the weather will get better soon

Yip, thought so. At least the hail has stopped

No, its just as dry in here... honest

We should include this hill on Wed evenings, after we have warmed up with Ebor gorge

Did Sue catch me having a pee?

No, sorry it was a checkpoint

This nav. is too easy when the cloud lifts

Fell running. Who needs it on the downhill. Just wait for a good gust and flap your arms

Hurray, another Marshian just landed in our path

I didn't know why the sun wasn't shining, I'd forgotten it was still in my pocket. Only another few mountains now before tea.


4 ladies on the Raz. Pretty Polly eat your heart out.

I know its bad. I forgot the maple syrup for the pancakes.

A wee dram??


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