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Millfield track improvements almost completed? Photo shows the far side of the track where the Pole Vault bed and runway have now been positioned. (photo by Graham)

Harrier Membership has been paused since 1st April 2020 whilst we awaited a return to Harrier training - but is now back in operation and we ask all 2019/20 members to rejoin in the next few weeks. To reflect the lack of training and competition opportunities so far, the Club fees have been significantly reduced. Now that there is some competition on the horizon some Harriers may also wish to join England Athletics for the year through to 31st March 2021. Read on for all the details and how to join/re-join and pay. The Thursday evening Club training sessions have been steadily growing over the past three weeks with the booking system working well and participants keeping to the rules around social distancing etc.


Now that we are back up and running, with formal coached training sessions since last month, and that there are some prospects of competitions in the future, we are now asking Members to renew their Membership for the year ending 31st March 2021. There is a significant discount on Club fees, and for those who want England Athletics registration, EA have kept their fee - £15 - the same as last year. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you were registered with EA last year as a competitive member you will be invoiced for EA this year unless you tell us this week no later than 21st August. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Category                            2019/20    2020/21    2020/21 with EA

Adult                                   £21              £10        £25

Junior/unwaged                  £11               £5         £20

Family (up to 4)                  £80 (*)         £30         £60

(*Family membership last year included EA fees).
Additional £15 per individual for EA registration for this year if required.

Harrier Coaches & Hon Life Members get free membership and EA if still competing


As per usual the Club Membership rules apply:

“By joining the Harriers you are agreeing to:

• Abide by the Club’s Welfare Protection Policy.

• Give your consent for the club to keep your details on a database in line with data protection requirements and the Club’s privacy policy.

• Abide by the Club Constitution and UK Athletics rules

• Give permission for photographs taken at public events and races to be used for Wells City Harrier publicity

• Volunteer some time to help the Club in its activities/events"


England Athletics registration information can be seen here. Note that any member who paid for EA last year (2019/20) will have EA registration until 31st August 2020; after that date it will have expired. The Club’s EA registration (cost £150) was paid in April 2020 to ensure that our Club coaches were covered and that our formal training sessions are covered by insurances etc. We have also been able to tap into the EA guidance & resources around Covid-19 during the lockdown period.


What happens next?

For existing members you will receive a request circa next weekend 22nd August from England Athletics via PayZip to pay your membership fee. Please pay online no later than 31st August to maintain continuous membership. New Members looking to join should complete the 2020/21 Membership form and follow the instructions on that - see website Joining page for form & detail. For full information on benefits of membership see that dedicated webpage.




The Club’s Thursday evening session, as previously reported, is currently held at Strode College Sports Centre using the field behind the Centre and following the rules as previously laid down and separate Strode Centre and Club Risk Assessments for the session which conform with UK Govt and England Athletics Guidance. To attend this session you must be 14 or over, be a Harrier member, agree to follow the EA Guidance, and to book attendance in advance.

We are operating on the basis of 1 coach per 12 participants as we are using a Covid-19 compliant site and have procedures and insurances etc in place. The session requires participants to register between 6.05pm and 6.20pm for the hour long session – the training programme for August is in the previous web article. The Club’s thanks as usual to the coaches who are running this session.

Book for the formal session on Thursday with Graham  Goldsmid (by Wednesday 6pm) and await confirmation email that there is space for you. We hope to recommence junior sessions in September. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Other arrangements have been made on an informal basis by small groups of Harriers (up to 6) to train together on a regular or irregular basis using public spaces, The Club’s traditional Wednesday evening training session from Wells Rugby Club resumed some weeks ago with participants keeping socially distanced as they run, usually off-road, on a hilly session up onto the Mendips. This session is suitable for those who have trained quite a bit and like the hills! Contact Andy Piper for more information.

Simon Prior has also been working informally with some Harrier juniors on public land. Small groups of senior Harriers have also met up from time to time for longer Saturday or Sunday runs. There are currently no beginners/novice 'Couch to 5k' training groups.

Always keep up to date with our formal Club training sessions by checking the Training tab from time to time, or if you're not sure contact Paul, Coaching co-ordinator & secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We still await a firm date for when we might be able to organise Club training at the Millfield track facility. We have drawn up a Risk Assessment ready for the eventuality. As can be seen from the photograph the facilities at Millfield have seen further improvement this year with the Pole Vault bed (that used to sit alongside the Announcers Hut) being re-located to a new position alongside the back straight on the far side of the track. We are pleased that Strode College Sports Centre have continued to provide us with a venue over the past year.



I enjoyed watching the Diamond League match from Monaco on Friday (14th Aug) evening! It’s not often that you see the track 5,000m world record broken; and there were some other great performances. It’s amazing that the elite athletes are able to perform at such a high quality after such a long lay off from competition. You can catch up with the action here for the next week (until 21st August):





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note Laura Parker, as featured, ten years ago, (when this version of the website was launched & I started writing content regularly) was one of the most dedicated juniors at training over a 10 year period – being driven over by her Mum from Minehead to the Tuesday sessions every week – and look where that got her! An England vest! Laura still runs occasionally – last seen running well at the Haselbury Trail race a few years ago!


INPUT TO THE REGULAR HARRIER WEBSITE ARTICLES – send all results/photos etc as usual to Paul by Monday 8pm for inclusion in the next web article and for publication in the local newspaper (Mid-Somerset Series) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.