Wells City Harriers


Mud, mud and more mud. On 12th November 2017 following a 2 minute silence to mark Remembrance Sunday a group of the Wells City Harriers Up and Running group joined 1300 runners at Chipping Sodbury School to take on the challenge of the Sodbury Slog. This coming Sunday sees the final race in the year-long Somerset Race Series at Brent Knoll and a number of Harriers are in line for Series awards.Also last call for nominations for this year’s ‘special award’ to be made at Annual Dinner!

Up & Runners taking part in the picture from left to right:  Sharon Bowles, Wendy Jones, Shirley Tincknell, Bianca Pridham, Kate Glascott (note how clean all the runners look beforehand!)






Sharon Bowles reports from the Sodbury Slog:

“This 9.6 mile race takes runners across a muddy terrain through ditches, across Sodbury Common (including the famous ‘soggy bottom’,  ‘sheep dip’ and’ pig trough’)and with a few lung busting hills thrown in.

Any attempt to remain dry and clean disappears after a few miles and there is a great atmosphere among the runners and a lot of laughs around the course.

This is a very well organised race and one which is becoming an annual event with the Up and Running Group."


Duncan Verel also ploughed his own path through the mud and was still smelling/smiling a week later…..


Who's going to lead the way?



aaSod Sharon


This coming Sunday sees the final race in the Somerset Race Series, sponsored by Cornwall Glass  – runner’s best 8 results from the 19 races on the list to count. The Brent Knoll race is always a good test of uphill and downhill  running, and also staying on your feet if there’s a lot of mud about. A good number of Harriers are in line for the prestigious engraved glasses. The latest Series standings are below .

& Finally, this Friday evening sees the Harrier’s Annual Dinner where 80+ Harriers will gather to enjoy a lovely meal, find out who will gain one of the Club’s places in the London Marathon, enjoy the Annual quiz, and decide on who will gain the coveted (?) ‘Bog seat Award’.  This award is given to the Harrier who has mistakenly (?) done the most ridiculous thing during the year and nominations are sought now – please let Graham or Paul know if you would like to nominate someone for a particular action and we will put them to the usual clapometer test.


Somerset Series - 2017 - Standings after EIGHTEEN races
The FINAL race in the Somerset Series 2017 is Brent Knoll on 26 November at 11am
Forename Surname Club Cat Points Races  
Jonathon GILLING Taunton AC MV40 31* 10  
Josh HARRIS Weston AC MV40 78* 13  
Matthew BOWDEN Minehead RC SM 94 8  
Graham GOLDSMID Wells CH MV50 124* 13  
Ben TIMPSON Running Forever RC SM 182* 10  
Neale JARRETT Weston AC MV50 194* 10  
Justin THOMAS Wells CH MV40 201* 9  
Nick BROOKE Dorset Doddlers MV60 206* 9  
David CARNELL Crewkerne RC MV60 210* 11  
Nick WEAVING Wells CH MV50 265* 10  
Craig FOLEY Wells CH MV40 293* 12  
Matt DRIVER Yeovil Tn RRC MV50 298* 10  
Andrew PIPER Wells CH MV50 325 8  
Kevin DOHERTY Yeovil Tn RRC MV40 358* 12  
Stephen LYSACZENKO North Devon RR MV50 398 8  
Nick  HEMMINGS Unattached MV50 406* 10  
Andrew ARCHER Stragglers RC MV50 462 8  
Robin CALLENDER Mendip AC MV60 485* 11  
Michael NORTON Langport Rns MV40 551* 9  
Brian MOUNTJOY-ROW Yeovil Tn RRC MV70 603* 10  
Adrian CORNFORD Crewkerne RC MV50 201 7  
Christopher DACHTLER Weston AC MV50 346 7  
Paul CHADWICK Wells CH MV50 441 7  
Richard DODGE Yeovil Tn RRC MV50 804 7  
Daniel TAYLOR Unattached MV40 810 7  
Adam HAWKINS Yeovil Tn RRC MV60 1145 7  


Anne KELLY Langport Rns FV45 70* 9
Ali BLANEY Wells CH FV35 84 8
Kate BRITTEN Unattached FV35 88 8
Geraldine  HOPE Weston AC FV45 118 8
Mary BUTCHER Minehead RC FV55 121 8
Catherine GOLDSMID Wells CH FV45 123* 11
Kirsten IRISH Crewkerne RC FV45 129 8
Hazel SHEARS Unattached SF 168 8
Sarah HARRIS Weston AC FV35 184* 11
Joanna HENLEY Yeovil Tn RRC FV35 197 8
Jayne CHANTER Minehead RC FV45 218* 9
Karen SHEARS Wells CH FV55 302* 10
Hilary ASKEW Crewkerne RC FV55 619 8
Sarah NEILD Cheddar RC FV55 88 7
Tracey THOMAS Burnham Hrs FV35 149 7
Elspeth FONTANA Yeovil Tn RRC SF 278 7
Gill CONSTABLE Cheddar RC FV65 366 7