Training opportunities with the Harriers all the year round & for members (only) opportunity to pay discounted rate for a term, or the year. Please read on for the various training opportunties with the Harriers. Come along to give a session a try>

  • Juniors (age 8-15) - full track & field athletics programme or XC training on a Monday. Qualified coaches deliver the programme.
  • Age 14- 74 (younger athletes by invitation if of a good enough standard) Middle Distance & XC Training and quality sharp session for 5k/10k/long distance runners on a Tuesday. Qualified coaches set & deliver the programme.
  • Seniors (age 16-76) - road and off-road running for beginners or those in training for 10k, half marathon or marathon. Qualified coaches with beginners group.

Read on for full details of each session, who to contact and for the latest Tuesday training programme set by Tuesday senior coach Jon James see the very bottom of the page. All Harrier qualified coaches at the sessions are unpaid volunteers. Parents and senior athletes can assist by holding stop watches, counting laps, or raking long jump pits etc as required. All sessions are open to Harrier members, and guests where appropriate, but members of other local Clubs are expected to join the Harriers as they benefit from the Club's coaching.



Monday - juniors training at Millfield Track, Street. No sessions on Bank Holidays, nor 4 weeks in August or over Xmas/new Year. Otherwise, all Year round. Track & Field training and cross-country training.

Time: 5.50pm -7.15pm spring/summer & 5.50pm-7.00pm autumn/winter for young people in school Year 3 (age 8) to Year 10/11 (age 15). Competition evening once a month.

Cost: £2.00 for Harriers; £3.00 for non-members (or £20 for a 13 week term for Members). Register in Announcer's Hut before the session (5.50pm-6.00pm)

Junior Fun athletics for School Years 3-5; Development squads at middle distance/XC; sprints; jumps; and throws for School Years 6-11. Priority at training sessions given to Harrier members who are being coached for team competition with the Harriers. Regular attendance within the training groups is necessary to keep your squad place.

Contact: Graham Goldsmid (registration) or Paul Chadwick (Co-ordinator), principle coaches working with juniors.

Get Ready for Track Competition 2019

Tuesday - training at Millfield track, Street. All Year round using the Track or surrounding fields. Middle distance and endurance training for road races and cross-country. Coaching programme set by Jon James, senior coach for this session. We are also currently reviewing demand for track & field training on this evening but this is subject to having coaching reource available.Time: 6.20pm for a 6:30 start for athletes aged 14 and upwards. (Younger athletes by invitation only if suitable standard). Register at beginning of session track-side.

Cost: £2 for members; £3 for non-members ; (or £20 per term or £60 per annum for members) Contact: Jon James, principle Tuesday coach, assisted by Simon Prior.

Wednesday- Seniors training run for ages 16 and upwards. All Year round.

At least 2 groups:

(1) A beginners group with some from a recent ‘Up & Running'/'Couch to 5k' programmes organised by the Club run with us to keep fit or get fitter. Lynne Elstob & Sharon Bowles and other qualified coaches. Meet 6.30pm/6.40pm

(2) Another informal group, or two, of more experienced runners training for 10k races, half marathons or marathons. Andy Piper, Mike Rusca or Richard Morgan often with this group and sometimes one of the Harrier's qualified coaches attend. Meet no later than 6.40pm. 

Meet: Wells Rugby FC, Charter Way, Wells. Autumn/winter road circuit of up to 6 miles under street lights; Spring/Summer groups include a long group that go off-road on to the Mendips.Time: 6:30 for 6:45pm Cost: free for Harriers ; if you're not a member, just come along. Contact: Lynne Elstob or Andy Piper

On some Wednesdays there are other events going on which might reduce the attendance, such as

  • second Wednesday in autumn/winter - 5k road race Street at 7:30 pm & junior races
  • second Wednesday in spring/summer - 5k road race Yeovilton at 7.15pm
  • a social Pub run from a different venue - once a month usually

Qualified coaches Lynne Elstob & Sharon Bowles work with the beginners group - contact Lynne This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Andy Piper, Mike Rusca & Richard Morgan often run with those in training for longer races & runs 

Andy Pipers mobile:07791 528333

Cost: The annual formal 'Couch to 5k' beginners group usually has a modest charge for the entire programme (circa £10-£20). The informal groups running on a Wednesday don't have a charge but we would prefer runners to be members of the Harriers to contribute to our overheads as we pay the Wells Rugby Club to use their facilities, and you will also benefit from Club insurance and discounts on kit etc

Thursday - another Harrier session for endurance runners can be planned subject to demand - Contact coaches at Monday or Tuesday track sessions for details.

Saturday - occasional monthly hill running sessions for keen juniors (age 14) and upwards once a month. Contact coaches if interested.

Sundays – long off road run for those in training for half or full marathons. Note that on some Sundays many of the group will be racing at an event - Meet: various locations, check with Wednesday Group/contact at training             Time: usually about 8.00am or 9.00am

Cost: Free      Contact: Mike Rusca/Richard Morgan/Andy Piper or others at Wednesday group

Training with Yeovil Olympiads

We have a reciprocal arrangement with YOAC to train with them at the Yeovil Arena and vice versa.

Their training nights are usually Tuesday & Thursday – see here for more info; and Saturday mornings at Ninesprings (Goldenstones) for juniors

Training with Mendip Hash House Harriers

Many of our senior runners from the Wednesday group also run with the Hash on a Monday evening.

QUALIFIED HARRIER COACHES: with date when they first qualified as Assistant Coaches

Full Coach/Level 2: Paul Chadwick (2003); Graham Goldsmid (2004); Jon James (2014); Al Thorner (2014); Simon Prior (2015)

Assistant Coach/Level 1:  Chris Collier (2013); Tom Dukes (2013); Duncan Verel (2016); 

Coach in Runnning & Fitness; Lynne Elstob (2014); Sharon Bowles (2014)

Leader in Running & Fitness: Kate Glascott (2017); Bianca Pridham (2017)

Coaches receive free Harrier annual membership and appropriate kit


(If you are interested in becoming qualified to coach with the Harriers please speak to Graham Goldsmid or Paul Chadwick. The Club will pay for your coach training but you are expected to contribute to sessions on a regular basis - we are currently particularly keen to recruit some women coaches to work with our junior athletes)


CURRENT TRAINING SCHEDULE FOR TUESDAYS -  it is updated every 2 months.

 As set by Jon James & delivered by Jon James & Simon Prior with other Level 2 coaches assisting when one of them is away

Tuesday Night Training Sessions: May-June 2019


Track session

Grass session


7th May

500 metres/400 metres/300 metres/ 200 metres x 2 (x3 for seniors) Two minutes between reps and 5 minutes between sets

5 * 5 mins (1 min recovery)

Jon Away

8th May: Yeovilton 5K

11/12 May: Somerset AA champs, Yeovil

12 May: BAL Match 1 (Bedford)

14th May

6 sets of (2 * 300m, with 30s recovery); 1 lap very slow jog between sets

Junior session: 4 sets

8 minute effort, 90s recovery, 8 * 1 minute hard with 1 minute recovery, 8 minute effort

19 May: Wessex Ridgeway Relay

19 May: Southern athletics league(Andover)

21st May

1000m (@1500m pace), 10 mins, 500m (@800m pace), 5 mins, 300m (@400m pace), 3 mins, 200m (flat out)

5/6 * 1K (3 mins recovery) – aim should be to run these fast with recovery active – walk, then jog)

26th May: Wells 10K


2 * (4 * 600m, 1 minute recovery). 6 mins recovery  between sets– slow jogging. 

Junior:  2 * (3 * 500m, 1 minute recovery), 6 mins recovery between sets

8 mins, 6 mins, 4 mins,  2 mins, 1 min (all with 90 s recovery)

2nd June: SW League (Exeter)

4th June

10 * 300m (2 mins recovery) – 800m pace

Juniors: 2 * (4 * 300m) 2 mins recovery between efforts, 5 mins between sets. 800m pace

4 * 2 mins (1 min recovery): 2 * 4 mins (90s recovery): 4 * 2 mins (1 min recovery)

5th June: Somerset junior champs (Yeovil)

8hJune: Somerset schools champs (senior), Yeovil

9th June: BAL Match 2 (Chelmsford)

11th June

2 sets of (2* 600m, then 300m). Efforts should be at 1500m pace and recovery between efforts should be half the effort time. 2 lap very slow jog between sets

6  * 90s (with 45 s recovery), 6 * 30s (30s recovery), 6 * 90s (45s recovery)

12th June: Yeovilton 5K

15th June: Southern Athletics league(Kingston-Upon-Thames)

15th June: SW schools athletics champs (Exeter)


4 * 400m (virtually flat out): 2 laps very slow jog/walk

3 sets of 1 min, 2mins, 4mins (1 min recovery between all efforts, 3 mins between sets)

25th June

200m (30s recovery), 200m (30s recovery), 400m (1 min recovery), 800m (2 lap very slow jog in around 6 mins), 800m (2 mins recovery), 400m (1 min recovery), 200m (30s recovery), 200m (30s recovery)

Juniors: Only one 800m rep

3 * (8 minutes of an alternating cycle of jogging, tempo and hard running) with 2 minute recovery

Cotswold Way relay (29th June)