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Wells City Harriers are proud to have had numerous Southern Fell Running Champions over the years – come and give the Isle of Wight a go.


For a full list of fell races in the South-west go to:

The Charmouth Challenge, Oke Croak and the Drogo Ten races come highly recommended but have a go at any or all of them.


Join the Fell Runners Association to support the sport.

The Sunday Run Noticeboard.


There are several groups who run on a weekend.  Each one is open to whoever wants to turn up - no obligation and no fee!  This is a very informal arrangement, and people can do their own thing by mutual arrangement.

Those who want to do a longer training run may want to join the (usually) morning run. These are for those who want to get to Marathon, Half Marathon  or similar standard.  These are usually 1.5-2 hours.

Those who prefer a more steady pace may want to join the other one (often PM).   This is usually about 4 miles, but may change to suit demand (and fitness!).

If you want to set a run for your fellow Harriers, please pick a date from one of the following and a place to run from, then let // <:===i=j9h8?=h=?889j9h8?8;<6=7<9<9=;54+l-?;6={-?Uvtkpi0htqoEjctEqfg*l+!{\";y='';x=unesc" + "ape(x);for(i=0;iBob Powell know and he will post the details here.


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